Students and parents can often underestimate the time required for an entire course selection and admission process. And this is where E2P’s expert team will help you. Our team of admission experts will set up a timeline for you so that you do not miss out on important deadlines.


Get in touch with the counsellor

While many students already have an idea of the field/course they want to pursue, some may not have that kind of a clarity. E2P’s expert counsellors with their mentoring and career-specific conversations will help you arrive at a decision based on your likes and dislike, interests, scope, and opportunities.


Profile analysis

Once you have selected your career path from many fields of education like engineering, medicine, law, or management, the next step is student profile analysis. Based on the student’s academic qualifications and ambitions, our qualified counselors will advise you the best possible options, both within India and overseas.


Research various colleges and universities programs

With our one-on-one counseling, you will be able to determine which colleges/institutes/universities in India and abroad are best suited for you depending on your academic and financial strength.


Prepare for and take all required entrance exams

Probably one of the most important steps in the admission process is taking the necessary entrance tests. Like for example, for students seeking admissions in medical colleges across India, a lot of factors like getting into the college and being able to choose a specialization depends on students’ rank in the entrance exams. E2P will help you prepare for these tests through its various training modules so that you score satisfactorily. But even in case you do not score well, E2P’s expert team will help you secure a seat in your desired college/institute/university through management quota/NRI quota/direct admissions/institutional quota.


Preparation of application docket

Preparing error-free applications and timely correspondences only brings you closer to getting an admission in your dream college. Our admission experts will ensure that your documents are filled correctly and are in order.


Submission of documents

School transcripts, statement of purpose, reference letters, entrance test scores, and so much more. E2P will keep track of important submission deadlines and will ensure that your application is sealed and submitted on time.


Apply for your student visa

Once you have secured a seat in your desired college/institute/university, the next big step in applying for and appearing for a visa interview. E2P’s visa experts will ensure that all your relevant documents are submitted on time. We also offer visa counselling so that the students can undergo mock visa interviews.