PG CPS & FCPS Courses in India

PG CPS & FCPS Courses in India

CPS (College of Physicians and Surgeons)Medical PG Diploma DGO DCH & D.Patho as well all FCPS courses except FCPS ORTHO which are now recognised by MCI.CPS is one of the oldest medical bodies since 1912. The courses run by CPS were recognized by Maharashtra medical council and Gujrat Medical council but lately Rajasthan,MP,Bihar,Chattisgarh,Orissa too recognised cps medical pg medical courses i.e The mbbs graduate who completes the medical PG diploma course or FCPS course from cps approved/recognised hospital were entitled to practice as an PG doctor in above mentioned states, Now MCI has recognised DGO, DCH & D. PAtho with FCPS MEDICAL PG Courses since the batch of 2009. Now the Postgraduate Dr with Diploma from CPS recognised COLLEGE/Hospital is entitled to practice anywhere in India or can apply for DNB secondary course. Cps DIPLOMA courses are very affordable and candidates going for cps diplomas get good exposure to practical experience as they practice in particular specialty hospital of their specialty. For any low budget Pg candidates, CPS diploma will be ray of hope. The courses which are MCI recognized are:CPS DGO,CPS DCH,CPS DPatho,FCPS Surgery,FCPS Dermatology,FCPS Medicine,FCPS Ophalmology,FCPS Pathology,FCPS Gynecology.
State council recognized courses are:CPS Radiology,CPS Dermatology,CPS Orthopedic,CPS Anesthesia,CPS Ophthalmology,CPS TB& Chest,CPS ENT,CPS Tropical Medicine…….etc.
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What is the difference between medical UG/PG Recognized and permitted Seat?

What is the difference between medical UG/PG Recognized and permitted Seat?

MCI permitted seat is any MBBS or Post Graduation (PG) Degree/ Diploma seat which has been allowed by MCI to admit students.

So If a student has completed his/her UG/PG in a MCI permitted seat but not a MCI recognized seat can only practice in state in which the institute is located.

For example a student has done his UG/PG Degree from an institute in Maharashtra which has a seat which is MCI permitted but not MCI recognized then that student can only practice in Maharashtra and not in any other state in India. But If that seat gets recognized by MCI in future then he can practice anywhere in India.

In practice MCI recognizes seat within 3 years of it making the seat permitted in most of the cases unless the institute doesn’t have enough faculty, facility or the infrastructure to meet the standards or norms stipulated to satisfy MCI inspection done on the institute. If application of recognition  is rejected by MCI, institute can again apply for recognition of the seat after improving its facilities and offer for inspection to the MCI.

If MCI is satisfied with improvements done by the institute to it’s faculty, facility or the infrastructure on re-inspection, it gives recognized status to that seat which was earlier approved.So in short a student who has done PG Degree or Diploma from a MCI approved seat cannot practice outside the state of the institute and those from MCI recognized seats can practice anywhere in India.

What Is The Difference between PGDM and MBA Programme ?

What Is The  Difference between PGDM and MBA Programme ?

This is the commonly asked question from the graduates,I come across who are aspiring for management courses.

PGDM(Post graduate diploma in management) or MBA(Masters in business administration) , both the courses have a commercial orientation. The main aim of these courses is to equip a person with the skills to move up in the hierarchy.While both the courses have same outcome in terms of employment prospective,there are some tenuous difference.

1)PGDM is a diploma course whereas MBA  is a degree course.
2)In most cases MBA curriculum are designed by university and are normally upgraded after 3 to 4 years whereas PGDM courses are designed by individual institute which gives them the flexibility to upgrade the course when required keeping in mind the current corporate/industrial requirements.

3)As per some industry experts,MBA courses focuses more on theoretical aspect of management,whereas PGDM courses focuses more on practical and skill based learning.

4)It has also been observed that most MBA courses have lower tuition fees as compared to PGDM courses.This is most because of MBA degrees been awarded by universities receive financial aid and grants from the government making the degree less cheaper for the students.

What Is Management Quota? Is Management Quota Legal? [2019 Update]

What Is Management Quota? Is Management Quota Legal? [2019 Update]

Disclaimer: This article is relevant for students who are looking to get admission through management Quota in colleges in India and Abroad.

What is Management Quota?

Management Quota is a government authorized mechanism provided to private or deemed University by which students can secure Direct Admission in institute.

Management Quota is only applicable in private or deemed Universities because they don’t receive any grants from the government. So government allows private Institutes to fill 15% of their seat through management/ NRI Quota Seats.

85% of the seats are filled on merit basis and the remaining 15% seats can be filled by the management of that institute. However, there is eligibility criteria for the management Quota Seats as well.

For example, in engineering, one must have at least 50% in Senior secondary school examination to apply for management Quota Seat. Similarly, for Medical and for other

What is the fees when getting Admission through Management Quota?

The fees of a management Quota student is usually 3 – 4 times the normal fees. There is a simple reason for this.

From the management point of view, this is their chance to fill 15% of the seats on their discrepancy and it is economically good for the Institute, which is authorized by the government.

From the students point of view, they are simply compensating for the low grades with financial aid to the institute and getting a chance to get same education as the meritorious students.

Simply put, this is a win-win case for the students and for the Institute.

Please note that a lot of people call Admission through Management Quota, Donation, which is not the case.

Is Management Quota Legal?

Yes, it’s absolutely legal. Government of India has authorized private and deemed college to fill 15% of their seat through Management Quota.

The first thing that one is reminded of is bribe in the form of donation or several other terms when it comes to Management Quota. The same rakes a couple of questions like, is Management Quota legal?  Is it fair?  Is it not a way of cheating?  And so on.  Most of us would be surprised at the fact that management quota is completely legal.  Here’s how

Private colleges are usually run by a single or a group of investors who invest a huge chunk of capital to provide for great education.  The 15 percent leeway acts as a barrier for the management to cease losses and recover little by little of the capital invested. It also serves to meet the interests of the management of a given institution.

Management quota therefore stands legal serving as a helping hand to the management of any given deemed/ private institution.

How Can E2P Consultancy can help you with Management Quota Admissions?

E2P Consultancy is an Education Consultancy firm that stepped in to offer help with admissions to struggling students in need. Often, students are unaware of the requisite fees when it comes to getting a seat through management quota.

Most of the students are also innocent to the legality of the same, which leads to cheating and misleading of facts at the time of admission. With over a decade of experience and after placing over 1000 students in various institutes across the globe.

Applying through E2P consultancy, a student can easily educate himself with the underlying rules of a desired course and approach an institute legally with the help of a well informed consultant. Therefore to eliminate misconceptions or being cheated by misleading personnel, it is extremely important to carry out such kind of admissions through a reputed consultancy firm.

On the other hand, any given study institution prefers to go about with management quota admissions through a consultancy as well.

To put it perspicuously, Management quota is merely an advantage a student can use to rebuild and pursue a career of his choice in a reputed institution without the guilt of snatching the seat of a merit holder. It is also an opportunity to start afresh and build a career with utmost dedication without having to compromise on the comfort of a good college.

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